Why to choose GO-E home charger

why to choose go-e home charger

Many smart functions that make charging electric vehicles even more convenient are already integrated in the GO-E home chargers. The charging station is suitable for installation indoors and outdoors in both private and commercial environments. The go-eCharger HOME+ can be connected directly to a suitable red CEE three-phase socket or to other sockets via an adapter. The go-eCharger HOMEfix can be connected directly to the electrical system of the building with the help of the 2 meters long connection cable.

Simply charge any electric vehicle – Plug & Play

The go-eCharger can be installed with little effort and put into operation within a very short time, depending on the home‘s electrical system. Simply attach the wall bracket, hook up the wallbox and connect it to a suitable socket* or power connection**. The charging process is as uncomplicated as charging a smartphone. Plug in the type 2 cable and the go-eCharger charges with the power requested by the car in the standard setting. If necessary, the charging current can be adjusted directly on the device using the blue button

Total control – via app even from the sofa

why to choose go-e home charger

All charging processes can be carried out with the go-eCharger without an app. The wallbox signals the current charging status via an LED ring. All details about the charging status can be viewed even more conveniently via the go-eCharger app. If necessary, you can also use it to adjust all basic and comfort settings. You also keep an eye on the amount of electricity charged via the integrated electricity meter. When the wallbox is integrated into a Wi-Fi network, the device can be controlled and monitored from your sofa.

Weatherproof and theft-proof

Unimpressed by any weather conditions, the go-eCharger provides full power at all times, protected by a high-performance plastic. The charging cable can be locked to prevent theft. When installed outdoors, you are able to protect the wallbox from unauthorised use by using an RFID chip. RFID chips are also useful if several people share the device. The charged current is shown separately for each user.

Different charging modes for cost-effective and sustainable charging

why to choose go-e home charger

Coming home after work and immediately starting the charging process is easy, but not necessarily sustainable and cheap. With intelligent functions such as the scheduler, you can postpone your charging processes with the go-eCharger to times when electricity is available in abundance. This reduces the pressure on the electricity grid and, depending on the electricity tariff, can also pay off financially.

Numerous safety functions

The extensive safety functions of the go-eCharger ensure that you can sit back and relax while the car is reliably charged. The charging station reduces the current flow if necessary or switches off completely if fault currents occur. In this way, the charger protects your car, your home‘s electrical system and itself from damage.

Highest flexibility: stationary and mobile usable

why to choose go-e home charger

In the wall bracket, the go-eCharger HOME+ can be operated just like a purely stationary wallbox. The big plus: with a few simple steps, the wallbox can be transformed into a mobile charging station and ensures maximum charging flexibility even at locations where no (public) charging station is available. This guarantees relaxing in the holiday home, on the campsite or at friends‘ and relatives‘ homes even after a long journey.

Simply charge any EV

With the go-eCharger, you can charge all pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids of any car brand that is commonly available in Europe. Thanks to the built-in type 2 socket, the wallbox is ultra compact, as it uses any standard type 2 cable – goodbye to unnecessary cable clutter.

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