Why to choose Green Cell charging cables

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Every year, electric cars become more popular on the market and they are constantly being developed. Once a curiosity, now certainly the future of motoring. Companies in the industry of the electrical cars are rapidly developing their technology and launch new models. People nowadays decide to switch from regular engines to electric ones as it is safer for the environment. 

Fast rechargingwhy to choose green celll charging cables blog ecarcharger.store

Using Green Cell cables will save you a lot of time. This is possible because they are 3-phase cables. They easily cope with higher power levels and therefore provide faster recharging. When powered by a GC cable, you can achieve a power output of up to 27 kW, and with a 1-phase cable, you will only achieve 3.7 kW. Charging Tesla Model S will charge the battery even up to 21 hours faster! Smaller models such as Renault Zoe, for example, provide more than 5 times faster charging times. A table of charging times for popular models is available below.

Highest quality and wide compatibility

why to choose green celll charging cables blog ecarcharger.store

Green Cell try to make every product from the best possible materials so that they can be used for years on. This is no different with charging cables for electric cars. Its reinforced construction provides strength of up to 10,000 charges, which gives you up to 15 years of use. The cables are additionally reinforced with extra coating, so that even if they are accidentally caught up under a vehicle, they will not be damaged.

why to choose green celll charging cables blog ecarcharger.store

The company have also made sure that compatibility won’t be an issue – the universal cable connector guarantees a connection to every charging station. Type 2 plugs used on the other end of the cable fit all common electric cars too. Among them you will find vehicles of Tesla, BMW, Renault, Mercedes, Audi, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Smart and many others.

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