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The Complete Guide

Types of Charging Cables

Our team has created a complete guide with all types of charging cables explanation. The goal is to prepare you for the proper charging of your electric car at home garage or when you have taken a long way.

You will learn about the geographic differences in their use, plugs power levels and other useful information.

Charging cables are an essential part of electric cars that we always have to hold in the trunk.

Typically almost every new electric car includes a charging cable Mode 2, which allows home charging from a simple socket. But only with him, we cannot be calm that we will always be able to charge our electric car seamlessly when we stop at public charging stations.

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Main Chapters

  • <span> Shuko cables </span>
    Shuko cables
  • <span> Mode 3 </span>
    Mode 3
  • <span> Type 2 cables </span>
    Type 2 cables
Chapter 1:


This is the basic ev cable, known as the Mode 2 charging cable, which usually comes with the price of the car.

It is mainly found in 2 versions with an integrated Type 1 plug, which is typical of the Asian region and Type 2 plug, which is the most common in Europe. The cable is suitable for charging a car from a domestic socket, but it takes a lot of time because it charges with less power.

Standard charging power from a domestic socket Schuko is 3,7kW.

We advise you if you are going to charge your car at home certified electrician to check your electrical network. Some of our sockets may be helpful for you. Especially model Legrand 090470 which creating safe infrastructure for electric and hybrid vehicle charging in domestic conditions.

Legrand 090470 socket
Schuko charging cable mode 2

Mode 2 charging cables are equipped with an In-Cable Control Box (ICCB). The device performs safety and communication functions when it is connected to the power supply that is otherwise taken by the charging station.

The Austrian company NRGkick has developed a more sophisticated Mode 2 charging cable model that allows charging with 5,5kW, 11kW, 16,5kV and even 22kW. For this purpose, they have integrated various CEE Plugs for industrial sockets, which allows 3-Phase Charging.

Chapter 2:

Mode 3

These are the charging cables that allow the charging of electric cars from domestic and public charging stations. They can be with different Plug Types that have different power levels and applications.

According to the European Parliament Directive 2014/94/EU, from 22 October 2014 electrically powered charging cables fitted with Type 2 plug (IEC 62196) have been selected as a standard for European Union.

Charging cable Mode 3 can also be equipped with a single-phase Type 1 plug which allows charging power levels of up to 7.4 kW. This type of cable is the most common in Asia.

ev charging cable type 2 to type 2 7,4kw
Chapter 3:

Type 2 Charging Cables

Types 2 cables are equipped with IEC 62196 Plugs, which was developed by the German company Mennekes in 2009, enabling it to charge up to 22kW.

It also has a different modification that allows charging with larger capacities such as CCS and CHAdeMO.

Combined Charging System (CCS) is an advanced version of the Type 2 cable that allows AC and DC charging at up to 80 or 350 kilowatts. Also known as the Combo2 connector.

CHAdeMO connector is available in two versions.
Version 1.0 allows charging up to 62.5 kW
Version 2.0 allows charging up to 400 kW

charging type cables and plugs world regions


SAE J1772 Plug is a  North American standard for electric cars connectors. This charging cable is also very popular in Japan. J1772  provide a single-phase AC charging up to 22kW. DC version provides charging from 36kW up to 24kW.

Plug J1772
  • Type 1 Plug
    Type 1 Plug
  • Type 2 Plug
    Type 2 Plug
  • CCS Plug
    CCS Plug
  • GB/T Plug
    GB/T Plug
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