Portable chargers

Portable chargers for electric cars are a cable with a control box and are a practical solution when you are on the road or at work. They make it possible to charge from industrial sockets at speeds up to 10 times faster than a standard car charger. Another advantage is the variety of connectors available: schuko plug, industrial CEE, European Type 2 standard and American Type 1 standard.

Portable charging station Type 1 to schuko plug

With this portable car charging station, you can charge any electric car with a type 1 plug where a schuko socket is available. Just be careful in which outlet you will charge, as the electrical installation may not be suitable for the direct current to charge an electric car. Typically, type 1 portable charging stations charge up to a maximum of 10A (2.3kw) or 13A (3.6kw), depending on the manufacturer.

Portable chargers Type 2 to Schuko plug

The charging power here is the same up to 3.6kw, but they are compatible with electric cars with Type 2 connectors.

Portable charging station Type 2 to industrial CEE plug

With them, type 2 cars can charge up to 22kw in some cases at 32A three-phase current. The best portable charging stations are from the GO-E and NRGkick brands. In addition to adjustable power and protection levels, you can also buy adapter kits for different sockets.

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