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Enjoy charging anywhere

Green Cell Habu is a mobile charger for electric cars that sets a whole new standard. This is definitely the only charger you’ll ever need and the only charger you’ll ever want to use.

The charger is compatible with all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in Europe. No installation required. Just plug and play – plug & play. The Green Cell Habu replaces the large wall charger in the garage, in addition to charging your car on the go. With the dedicated GC mobile app, you have access to statistics and control over billing and expenses.

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Luxurious design

The unique ergonomics without unnecessary elements is a remarkable convenience in combination with a slim design. The built-in LCD screen instantly provides the necessary information about your charging session and settings.

The charger has built-in residual current protection DC 6 mA + AC 20 mA RCD to keep you as safe as possible. Thanks to its waterproof and dustproof structure in accordance with the IP55 standard, you don’t have to worry about weather conditions.

CarCharging time from 20% to 100%
Long Range AWD (74 kWh)
5,5 hours
Tesla Model 3
Long Range (75 kWh)
6 hours
xDrive50 (105,2 kWh)
8 hours
Intuitive operation green cell habu

Intuitive management

With just one button, you will adjust the power, complete the charging process and select any other function in the menu.

You see everything at a glance

Check the charging power, how long the current session lasts and how much power has been delivered. Without opening the app.

Safety first

All the safety features known from large wall-mounted charging stations are housed in a small housing, such as: RCD AC + DC protection to ensure maximum safety in use.

Not only will Habu detect network irregularities, but it will also use its screen to inform you of a specific error with detailed instructions on what to do.

  • Temperature control
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Ground detection
  • Current leakage detection
Safety first
Looks like a cable, but it's a charger

It looks like a cable, but it's a charger

Forget about the bulky module in the middle. We put all the electronics in the plugs, and with the 7 meter cable you can go anywhere.

Smart control via the phone

Through the app, you can remotely change the charging power, start charging, stop charging or specify when it should end.

Stay updated

When the download is complete, you will receive a notification with a summary of the session or information about the interruption of the download if it happened due to, for example, a temporary power failure. This way, you can react in time and not be surprised by a dead battery.


View and analyze statistics on energy consumption and charging costs for any period of time.

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