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The electric cars market is growing fast – every month, more than 25,000 new electric cars are being registered in Europe.

Electric cars are increasingly used for vacations and business trips. The presence of a place to charge a car is a decisive factor in choosing a hotel from an electric car driver. For that reason, hotels, restaurants and other retail outlets that have a charging station can reap the benefits.

Attract new customer groups and gain status as an innovative hotel. In addition, with an electric vehicle charging station, you will also earn bonus points for your hotel classification and positive reviews.

Why install electric car chargers in our hotel?

  • Increase your bookings

    The installation of a charging station guarantees the attraction of more and more new guests to your hotel in the future. Most electric car owners have good financial standing, which places your hotel as a destination for intelligent and wealthy customers.
  • Be easily retrievable

    Add your hotel location as a loading point on Google Maps and you will be more easily detected by driver’s navigation system. More and more web catalogs are adding a filter for charging stations to make it easier for users to find the right hotel to stay.
  • Improve your brand image

    Building a charger infrastructure will earn you the reputation of being an innovator who keeps pace with technological advancements and is responsible for the environment. You will encourage your guests to write a review and share your hotel with other electric vehicle owners.

Why choose ECARCHARGER LTD as a charging infrastructure provider?

  • 99.9% compatibility

    Our chargers are equipped with connectors, according to the IEC 62196 European standard, and we offer models with additional shock contact.
  • High quality

    We offer certified chargers of proven brands with excellent quality.
  • Personal quote

    We will offer you a personal quote for a price that best suits your requirements.