EV Home chargers

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EV Home chargers

The ability to charge electric cars at home is one of the biggest advantages over conventional cars. Charge conveniently in your own garage at affordable electricity prices. The standard home charger for electric cars is single-phase (16A) with a charging power from 3.6kw up to 7.4kw.

Compatibility of on-board charger in the car and home electrical system

The first thing you must do when buying a charger for your home, which is compatible with the electric vehicle is to check the status of the electrical system from a professional electrician. With the most optimal and appropriate conditions, a home charging station with a power of up to 11kW can be installed, which will drastically reduce the time to complete your electric vehicle or plugin hybrid.

Single-phase charging from schuko plug 3.6kW

The most common home electrical system is single-phase (AC). The most affordable option is schuko socket for electric vehicles with defective protection with charging up to 3.6kW. You can include an electric car cable with a schuko connector at one end and a type 2 or type 1 connector in the other. The specialized series of the French company Legrand Green Up offers several models of schuko socket for home charging electric cars.

Portable charger with Control Box

Another option is to buy a mobile charging station, which is an electric car cable with a control box that has different protection and shows different data on charging and status of the display. Mobile chargers allow charging to be charged with 10A, 16A or other amperage.

Three-phase wall charging station

The best option is a wall charging station, which can be with a cable socket or an integrated cable with Type 2 or Type connector 1. Three-phase charging station Type 2 can charge the vehicle with 22kW current at 32A. The installation of a wall box is connected to the check of the power line and allows loading with maximum possible power in addition are possible additional features such as access control, load control, connection to the solar system, building system, billing or Wireless control. Therefore, the use of wall boxes is a safe and convenient solution for fast charging and complete energy management.

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