Do I need my own charging station?

do i need my own charging station

All electric cars can be charged from a reinforced socket, but this will not be as efficient. In this article, you will find out about the advantages of buying and installing your own charging station, which you can install in your garage, in the yard, in a shared parking space in a cooperative or in front of the office.

It is possible to recharge your electric car by plugging it into a 220V reinforced outlet with separate residual current protection. The problem is the recharge time, which will be significantly longer and can take up to 24 hours. For example, if the car’s battery has a capacity of 70kw, then the time required for full charging from a normal socket with a power of 3.7kw will be over 18 hours.

The charging station is more efficient

Charging stations allow you to recharge your electric car in complete safety at home or at work. In addition, it offers the advantage of more power, which makes charging much faster. You can purchase an AC charging station that allows single-phase charging up to 7.4kw and three-phase charging up to 22kw.

We recommend installing a wallbox to benefit from a much more secure charging cycle. In fact, this device integrates a number of protection systems that significantly reduce electrical risks. Most chargers have built-in overheat protection, overvoltage protection and residual current protection. Of course, the installation of the charger must be carried out by a qualified electrician who follows all the manufacturer’s installation and safety instructions.

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