Chargers for electric cars

Dear customers, you can buy AC charging stations for electric cars at the best prices. We offer single-phase and 3-phase chargers with charging power from 3.7kw up to 22kw at 16A or 32A. Depending on your needs, you can choose between portable charging stations and wall charging stations, which you can install in your garage.

Single-phase charger

The single-phase chargers for electric cars are designed for a 1-phase home electrical system. These chargers allow charging up to 7.4kW, which is suitable for almost all electric cars and hybrids.

3 phase charger Type 2

These charging stations are wall boxes with type 2 plugs. With them you can charge with a maximum of 22kW power – 32A and 3 phases. Type 2 plug is the standard in Europe. The current is limited by the technical conditions of the charging cable and the plug type 2 charging stations have copper wires with a cross section of 6 mm² for a maximum current of 32A. This cross -section even allows up to 35A in normal operation, but is limited to 32A in electromobility to prevent overheating.

Why choose a 22kw chargers?

Type 2 charging stations only have a charging capacity of 22kW. This means that only type 2 electric cars can provide such capacity to charge. Most electric cars are still loaded in phase 1, but more and more 3-phase charging models are coming to the market.

This is mainly about electric cars with 11kW charging capacity, as this is enough for the current battery size, which does not exceed 100kW. Some electric cars like Renault Zoe can also charge 22kW of three-phase chargers type 2.

With type 2 charging station and 22KW charging capacity, you can charge these electric cars faster if you want or need to be on the road again. Even with a very large 100 kWh battery, the charging time will be about 4.5 hours.

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