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Manufacturers of chargers for electric cars

Green Cell

Types of EV chargers for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid

AC chargers with alternating current and power from 3kw to 22kw

AC charging stations are an essential part of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. These stations are designed for the standard electrical network. AC charging is the most common method of charging electric vehicles, providing a convenient and affordable charging solution for drivers at home.

AC chargers come in different power levels to meet different charging needs, divided into single-phase and three-phase chargers. Single-phase allows charging with a power of up to 7.2kw, and three-phase allows charging with a power of up to 22kw.

DC chargers with direct current and power over 50kw (fast charging stations)

DC charging stations offer fast, high-power charging options. These stations are strategically located along highways, in urban areas and at rest areas to provide quick and convenient charging options when traveling long distances and limit the time you need to charge. DC charging stations are designed to deliver high-voltage power to electric vehicles, ranging from 50 kW to 350 kW, depending on station capacity and vehicle capabilities.

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